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When i was small, i had classic common dolls, for which i sew and crochet dress.

Till now im having last one from them, she was with me even in day of my wedding, in satin dress with laces and frill made with pearles, sitting on decorated car.

When i got bigger, i liked to watch Barbie dolls in window-cases. I have to admit myself, that i wasn't interested in their skinny bodies, but in idea to think up and sew some new dress for them.

It all was only big dream, till the time when my daughter Eliška was born. When she was making her first steps, i had already bought first Barbie dolls for her. They were more and more and i started to understand that even that im saving them for Eli, till she will be bigger, im already having some kind of friendship with them.

And after some time i met some another Barbie fans. Thanks to Erica, which helped me to get over my worries, that people arround me will start to laugh at me. So i unwrap our Barbie dolls and started to make new things for them. Also started to buy more Barbie not only for Eliška, but for me too.

So by these small steps i got into world of Barbie.

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