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Rhododendron plants are more amazing that we care for good reward flood flowers. These plants will tolerate some exceptions to the direct sun and show them the shade trees. They are evergreen, require acidic soils. If the soil in your garden rather neutral or alkaline pH, I recommend not to change the soil at planting, but the substrate is intended to increase the cultivation of rhododendrons above the surrounding terrain to be floated into the calcium from the surrounding soil.

Before planting it is advisable to carry out the thorough drainage, as well as rhododendron damage in the sunny winter months, lack of moisture due to evaporation of water from their leaves, and just as dangerous on the contrary, the waterlogging. The watering recommend using only rain water and fertilizer make a special fertilizer for rhododendrons. Because rhododendrons spices very shallow, we should not hoe, but around them pull weeds regularly. Especially on the newly planted and young plants I recommend mulching.

Large-flowered rhododendrons are larger shrubs that can reach a height of 2 - 2.5 m. The Botanical rhododendrons and their cultivars are mostly compact, small shrubs growing to 40 cm.

All the pictures I took in my garden.
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