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I call the dark recesses of planting flowers. Here we adapt the selection of plants and habitats PH if it is wet or dry. Among the perennials for shade include Bergenia rigid rounded leaves, which in winter go red to red in March and April and sometimes in bunches of summer profusion of pink flowers on thick stems. perennial suitable for wetter habitats is funkie (Host), which is very effective in different ways large and colorful leaves. Types of leaves is more colorfully planted in semi-shade, full shade as the colors in wrong. In recent years the market are new varieties of meadow plants initially and that became Geranium (Geranium). Among these plants we find terraine covered using hybrids bred for full sun and in shade.

The plant for shade I was interested Thimble (Dicentra spectabilis). On its brittle stems that are arcuately bent to the ground grow pink or white flowers in the shape of hearts. Unlike the previous plants after flowering frog dries and disappears completely in the country. Therefore, I suggest you place the tree should be marked stones, to prevent damage to the retracted plant maintenance flower-beds.

Like other suitable species for shade and shade can designate all famous ivy. In areas with acid soil reaction fits Pieris, Pachysandra, and of course, rhododendrons and azaleas. In my garden grow in semi-shade and several species of Astilbe and a large stone in the annual profusion heather rockery cyclamen.

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