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Heather moor

When setting up my heath, which is a large 12.5 x 2 meters, I really won. The heaths and heathers, I planted heather differing only color, height and bloom time, the color of the twigs, which in some cultivars go red in different ways depending on the season. New flowering heathers are called "in the bud", which we can enjoy their blooms for a long time.

For planning plantings proved leaves me with the names of plants, color and flowering time, which I have combined appropriately on paper with drawings under the Heath and then planted a flower bed.

Before planting, I removed the original 30 cm loamy-stony soil and replaced it with a mixture of peat, sand and compost country. The plants I planted at greater distances with respect to their size - some species grow within 2-3 years, 50 cm wide. Adding fertilizer for ericaceous plants. In order to remain beautiful heather bushes and compact, it is necessary to trim them every year just below the old flower. Species flowering in winter and early spring immediately after flowering trims. Species flowering in summer and autumn, trims and early spring, because of their faded flowers are nice in winter.

Heath complete the overall look of other plants. I use dwarf conifers, Japanese azaleas, dwarf birch, grass, barberry artrpurpurea, Pieris japonica, statice, Gentian summer, Pulsatilla, cyclamen and Rhododendron impedietum Moerhein, who as one of the few watering insufficient to establish recommendations to tolerate full sun.

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